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Welcome to our RLAF Volunteer Taskforce recruitment page!

a. Preside in all Taskforce meetings and ensure that the meetings are well organized and conducted in an effective manner; 

b. Ensure Taskforce members share a common understanding of the Taskforce’s mission; 

c. Provide leadership and develop a cohesive Taskforce that is working together for the interest of benefiting the community via RLAF projects and 

d. Provide direction to ensure that activities, programmes and services of the Taskforce meet the objectives of the volunteer management aspect of RLAF projects 

a. Conduct volunteer recruitment initiatives to ensure sufficient volunteer manpower for RLAF projects. This includes but is not limited to meeting with partners/youth group, EDMs, social media campaign and more; 

b. Liaising with Publicity Team for recruitment posters and materials and 

c. Liaising with Capacity Development and Deployment Team (CDDT) team for smooth handover and transition of volunteers from registration phase to training and deployment phase. 

a. Organize orientation and capacity-building trainings for volunteers 

b. Arrange and schedule deployment of volunteers based on available slots of RLAF projects; 

c. Keep track of volunteer attendance and hours and 

d. Liaise with Recruitment Team to review volunteer manpower needs for RLAF projects 

a. Ensure that the Taskforce carries out its governance responsibilities effectively such as abiding by the PDPA, consent and more; 

b. Ensure proper and complete keeping of records and documents of all correspondence including agreements, minutes of meetings and more; 

c. Keep tracks and records of proposed and approved expenses; 

d. Ensure administrative cleanliness in terms of knowledge and file management. 

a. To lead and coordinate the activities of the recruitment team and development and deployment team, ensuring that everyone is working together effectively and efficiently.

b. Responsible for reporting on the progress of the project to the RLAF Staff, Chairperson or other stakeholders.

c. To be the central point of contact between RLAF Staff and volunteer taskforce about project updates and needs

a. Organize cohesion sessions or bonding activities to foster good camaraderie among volunteers 

b. Conduct milestone-based events such e.g. initiation of new members and 

c. Provide appreciation lunches and recognition awards/certificates or initiatives 

a. Curation of content related to the recruitment of volunteers, project details, team introductions and etc; 

b. Capture and showcase key moments via photography and videography e.g. behind-the-scenes, volunteer-in-action, FAQs and more and 

c. Any other publicly-related matters. 

Who are we looking for?

a. Applicants must be between 21 and 35 years old

b. Able to commit for a year, from around Sep/Oct 2023 to Sep/Oct 2024

c. Should have relevant skills for their chosen role, such as Photoshop for the publicity team

d. Preferably possess interpersonal skills to lead and work in a team

f. Passion for advocating for RLAF's works

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a. What is the commitment for the RLAF Volunteer Taskforce? 

The commitment is 1 year, estimated September/October 2023 to September/October 2024.

b. What is the purpose of the taskforce? 

RLAF believes in the empowerment of volunteers and would like to provide opportunities for them to support Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation (RLAF) in the ideation and implementation of managing RLAF volunteers together as a core volunteer team a.k.a. RLAF Volunteer Taskforce. 

c. What kind of projects will the task force be involved with? Will the projects be back-to-back? 

RLAF has 3 to 4 signature projects every year focusing on low-income families, elderly, PWDs and children. Our signature projects are usually held in Ramadan period (Apr) and school holidays (June, Sep, Nov). 

d. What does the task force do during months where there are no signature projects? 

Non-peak periods are important time periods for the taskforce to conduct orientation, welfare, appreciation, bonding activities, etc for the volunteers. Non-peak periods are also useful lead time for the taskforce to begin their planning of recruitment, training and deployment for the next project. 

e. Will the taskforce work alone? 

No, the RLAF Staff inclusive of the volunteer management officer, will support in terms of providing guidance, advice and resources to the taskforce. 

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