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The Heartbeat : An Interview with Firdaus Abdul Rashid

Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Rashid, 24, an #RLAFSG ninja of about four years, shares his youth volunteer stories with us this week on the latest edition of #theheartbeat:

What made you want to volunteer with us?

“I started being a volunteer with Al-Iman mosque, and I heard about them through the mosque platform. Since then, it made me interested to contribute more, not only to mosques, but also to society as a whole.”

How has your volunteer journey been for you personally?
“Very fulfilling! But I want to keep volunteering more whenever I can. Time is the strongest obstacle in my opinion, but I try my best to contribute in any way. I constantly want to do so because of the spirit of giving back to others.”
Any advice for budding volunteers?
“Some of the benefits I have gained through volunteering with #RLAFSG has been the opportunity to contribute my time through different activities and avenues. If I could advise other aspiring volunteers, it would be to prioritise your time wisely.”
Thank you Firdaus for the candid sharing of your youth volunteering here at RLAF. Follow us or better yet, come make your own story and #bthebetteryou with us.