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The Heartbeat : An Interview with Amirul Husni

Say hello to Amirul Husni, 23 years old, in #theheartbeat this week! Amirul is a man of few words, but trust us, he brings much value to our team.

“I first heard of #RLAFSG through a friend and I’ve been volunteering with them for four years, out of seven years. I do it simply because I enjoy volunteering. The opportunities presented at #RLAFSG are vast and eye-opening. It gave me a lot of on-the-ground knowledge on volunteering.

I am motivated to consistently volunteer because it gives me a sense of satisfaction after making someone’s day better. I think volunteering is not just about helping others but also for your own.”

Deep, but so wise, words from Amirul, closing in on this week’s #volunteerstories from #theheartbeat.

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