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The Heartbeat : An Interview with Amalina Mohamed Noor

As we welcome March, we also welcome Amalina, 25. Armed with an amazingly positive and bubbly personality, Amalina has a lot to share regarding her youth volunteer stories and experience with #RLAFSG.

Tell us something about yourself?
“I am passionate in helping others, especially caring for kids. I walk a lot too… it helps maintain my weight hahaha! I will also consciously choose healthier meals but somehow regret it after eating.”
How did you first hear of us and what made you want to volunteer (with RLAF)?
“My brother Hazmi introduced me. I was keen on joining an organisation which creates awareness about humanitarian support. And RLAF provides me a platform to reach to the people/community who (especially) requires assistance in various ways, from different ages to different walks of life. I’m happy to say I’ve been a volunteer (not just with RLAF) for three years now!”
Tell us, Amalina, when did you start volunteering and how has the journey been so far?
“I started back in Polytechnic and the experience has been nothing short of meaningful. Volunteering does not only create awareness and provide me with greater knowledge about the community, but it also makes me feel fulfilled and accomplished. Engaging in activities and creating memories with people I volunteer for are just some of the things I look forward to. Every volunteering opportunity is an open door towards self-improvement and gaining more knowledge!”
What keeps you going?
“Knowing that my presence would benefit others. Knowing that I would gain more knowledge and skills. I gain a lot of other benefits from it too. Volunteering provides me with various types of experience from working with children and the elderly.”
Some advice for budding volunteers?
1. A one-off volunteering activity may not give you the sense of fulfilment you are looking for, you need to be consistent.
2. Sincerity is the next key component you need to have to feel good about volunteering.
3. Putting others’ happiness before your could actually make you feel happier!
Thank you Amalina, for your very in-depth sharing into the world of #youth volunteering here at #RLAFSG. Follow us or better yet, come make your own story and #bthebetteryou with us.