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Special Collection to Support Courage Fund

The Rahmatan lil Alamin Foundation (RLAF), in collaboration with all mosques in Singapore, is organising a special fundraising effort to contribute to The Courage Fund that seeks to support and provide relief to vulnerable individuals and families affected by the COVID-19 situation.

Since the discovery of the COVID-19 virus in December last year, many countries beyond China, including Singapore, have been affected by the outbreak. Many sectors of the Singapore community are directly and indirectly affected by this situation. Health, livelihoods and the economy in general have been impacted. This is especially the case for our healthcare workers and personnel who have had to work in overdrive and shoulder the risks of dealing and managing the cases of patients afflicted by the virus.

Beyond these, there are also greater number of people whose jobs, income and living have been interrupted by the situation. This includes those in industries such as tourism, hospitality, transportation and many others.

In a show of compassion and solidarity with fellow Singaporeans, the RLAF is mounting a special collection starting with an online collection on Wednesday, 26 February 2020 followed by a mosque collection starting Friday, 28 February at all 70 mosques in Singapore. Both online and mosque collections will end on Thursday, 5 March 2020.

To support this cause, please head to  or Muslim.SG app.

In addition, they can also offer their donations in cash or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to “RLAF” with the words “SUPPORT FOR SINGAPOREANS AFFECTED BY THE COVID-19 SITUATION” along with their contact information written on the back of the cheque. The cash and cheques should be sent to the following address:

 a) RLAF Office

Masjid Yusof Ishak, Level 4
10 Woodlands Drive 17
Singapore 737740


b) Singapore Islamic Hub

Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis)
273 Braddell Road
Singapore 579702

Executive Director of RLAF, Mr Zainul Abidin Ibrahim said, “RLAF is pleased to collaborate with all mosques in Singapore to rally the community to support individuals and families that are adversely impacted by the current COVID-19 through The Courage Fund. This is in line with our aim to nurture a Singapore Muslim community that participates actively in building a caring and compassionate society. We are hopeful that our little effort will enhance the relief for the affected parties as we band together with many other initiatives for the good of the larger Singapore family.”

Funds collected will be handed over to the Community Chest who will channel the donations to The Courage Fund.

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