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Ramadhan for Life : Empowering Underprivileged Children Through Giving

There are many ways to empower children and one of it is by giving them opportunities to give back to the society, especially in the holy month of Ramadan. With this in mind, RLA Foundation Singapore partnered LIFE SG  partnering (Literacy Initiative for Equity Singapore) in Ramadhan for Life.

The 2-week project that empowered 18 underprivileged pre-school and lower primary children through the act of giving. Aged between 5 to 11 years old, these children come from single parent or incarcerated households and have been participating in LIFE SG’s ongoing enrichment programmes.


On 2 June, the children, along with volunteers from RLAF and LIFE SG, engaged residents of  Society for the Aged Sick through terrarium and sampul rayamaking.

While the activities were basic, the interaction between the young and the elderly were very important in character building and planting seeds of care and empathy.


The children and volunteers subsequently held a give-back project at Lorong Liew Lian. They collectively purchased staple items such as rice, bread and milk and then distribute them to 180 low-income yet valuable rented households. This experience was intended to build their self-confidence as they were able to experience of being at the giving end.

As rightly pointed out by one of the children, ‘’I feel glad that I am able to help the less fortunate by giving the items that we collectively purchased at the nearby NTUC. More importantly, I am buying not for myself but to help others’’, said the 11 year old Ali Ridha Rahim, who have been with LIFE SG for 3 years.


Ramadhan for Life is RLAF’s third local project that aims to develop the competencies of our volunteers and simultaneously enrich the lives of the challenged and unprivileged communities in Singapore.

RLAF’s volunteers will continue to engage the underprivileged children through LIFE SG’s enrichment classes beyond Ramadan.
We will also continue to provide grant support.

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