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Join us at Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation (RLAF) where we make compassion our mission. Together, let's extend our hands to those in need and spread hope in our communities. #RLAFamily

Executive, Grants Management and Fundraising Administration

Project Grants Application

  • Process, evaluate and recommend project grant applications in accordance with the established grant criteria to the Board of Trustees in an agreed format containing adequate details for a meaningful decision making.
  • Communicate the outcome of these applications to the applicants.
  • Monitor the execution and progress of the approved projects for compliance with the respective project plans and the grant agreements.
  • To provide a quarterly report to the Board of Trustees (through the office of CEO) on the status of the approved projects and grant disbursement.


  • Support finance department for processing of donations and tax-deductible receipts

Signature Projects

  • Lead RLAF signature projects and identify and recommend local and international organisations as strategic partners to the Board of Trustees for engagement and collaboration on these projects.
  • Evaluate the continuing credibility and dependability, as well as the project performance of these strategic partners.

Technical Competencies

  • Full comprehension of office management systems and procedures
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • Proficiency in English
  • Exemplary planning and time management skills to work and meet deadlines
  • Up-to-date with advancements in office gadgets and applications
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize daily workload
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Proactive in problem solving and has a positive attitude

Preferred qualification/experience

  • A tertiary education, preferably in social service or corporate sector
  • Relevant administrative and project management experience
  • Meticulous, has good presentation skills and a flair for working with internal and external stakeholders from all levels.

Closing Date of Application: 7 May 2024

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