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36 Young Activists from Singapore and ASEAN Countries Attended Inaugural Humanitarian Training

We co-organised a 2-days training with UNHCR eCentre to impart experience and competencies into humanitarian and development work for 36 volunteers from Singapore and 8 other ASEAN countries.

We train young activists to acquaint themselves with principles and processes behind impact-driven development and humanitarian projects. Topics of training include among others, Actor Mapping, Negotation Skills and Emergency Needs Asssessment. The exercises gave them insights to the intricacies in managing an integrated humanitarian response during crises.

“The training taught me about different cultural sensitivities and provided exercises that allow me to share my experience with others”, said Shafiq Rajab, a medical post graduate from the University of Aberdeen.

Another participant, Melinda Anne Sharlini, a 20-year old Malaysian representing All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), found that the programme expanded her horizon. ”I have always seen humanitarian from a local perspective. There are many other global issues that need attention. One important thing that I learnt was the skills of negotiation, which will come handy for me in my future humanitarian work”, said the Psychology undegraduate from University of Monash Malaysia.

Since 2010, RLA Foundation Singapore has approved $1.2 million worth of grant support for 65 development and humanitarian projects. We also regularly provide training and engagements for young volunteers in our bid to harness their competencies.