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The Heartbeat : An Interview with Sakinah Tan

2 October 2019
We're back this week with yet another series on #theheartbeat! Today we have Sakinah Tan , 26 and she has been volunteering with #RLAFSG for four amazing years, out of her whopping nine years! 
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Monitoring Visit to Palu, Central Sulawesi

30 September 2019
A year on, Palu is still recovering from the disaster that left more than 4,000 dead and 667 missing. Together with Mercy Relief, our RLAF volunteers visited the disaster sites and meet with the people affected by the disaster.
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Monitoring Visit to Pidie Jaya, Banda Aceh

15 September 2019
Together with Mercy Relief, the RLAF team visited Desa Lancang Paru, Piddie Jaya, Banda Aceh to understand the RLAF-supported women empowerment and salt farming initiatives. The programmes have transformed lives and represent the resilience of the people.
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