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2 February 2017


The Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation (RLAF) in collaboration with all 70 mosques in Singapore organised a special fund raising effort to offer winter relief for Syrian refugees starting Friday, 3rd February to Thursday, 9th February 2017. In this effort to show that Singaporeans care about the plight of the Syrian refugees, the RLAF is working with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) that is currently on the ground in Jordan and Lebanon to assist with the delivery of the Winter Assistance Plan as well as education programmes for Syrian children there.

The Syrian internal conflict and war which has gone on for nearly six years has inflicted a heavy toll on its population. More than four million Syrians have fled the country and sought refuge in foreign lands such as Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt. Currently more are heading for Europe. According to the UNHCR, more than half of them are children. Jordan alone is hosting 650,000. The high concentration of refugees in the country has placed a tremendous strain on the resources of the nations which are also struggling to meet the demands of its own population. Our hearts are with the refugees and the nations that has so kindly accepted to host them.

In 2014, the RLAF and mosques in Singapore had raised more than $400,000 through two collections for the Syrian refugees. The funds collected were used to hand out cooked food, household rations to over 4000 Syrian families, school packs for young children in three schools for Syrian refugees in Turkey, as well as medical kits for clinics treating injured and disabled refugees.

More significantly, RLAF in collaboration with the ASRIT (Aid for Syrian Refugees in Turkey) Project helped establish the Temasek Education Centre in Kilis, Southern Turkey which enrols 500 Syrian students annually from kindergarten to post-secondary levels. The school is still operational today.