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3 October 2018


The Rahmatan Lil Alamin (Blessings to all) Foundation (RLAF), in collaboration with all mosques in Singapore is organising a special fund raising effort in aid of survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia.
A powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Friday 28 August 2018, triggering a three-metre tsunami which has contributed to widespread destruction of infrastructure, loss of properties and significant loss of lives. According to reports, the death toll has crossed 1,200 and will continue to rise, with thousands more made homeless by the natural disasters.
In response to this traumatic occurrence, the RLAF will start an online collection in aid of the survivors of the Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami at the Muis website from tomorrow, Wednesday, 3 October 2018 to Thursday, 11 October 2018.

In addition, all 70 mosques in Singapore will participate in this special collection through donation boxes beginning this Friday, 5 October 2018 to 11 October 2018. All boxes will be marked “In Aid of Survivors of Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami”.

Members of the public can also offer their donations in cash or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to “RLAF” with the words “In Aid of Survivors of Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami” written on the back. Cash and cheques can be delivered to the following:
a) RLAF Office
Masjid Yusof Ishak, Level 4
10 Woodlands Drive 17
Singapore 737740
b) Muis
Singapore Islamic Hub
273 Braddell Road
Singapore 579702
RLAF will be working with Mercy Relief whose representatives will be leaving for
Sulawesi on Tuesday evening to conduct needs assessment of the affected
communities in Palu and Central Sulawesi, and start humanitarian relief work with these
communities. This will be in the form of relief goods and medical services in these

In the meantime, the Singapore Muslim community prays that the affected
victims will be given the strength and resilience to face these tragic and challenging