Latest News > Singapore Community Collected $342,000 And Deliver Ramadan Joy to Syrian Refugees Singapore Community Collected $342,000 And Deliver Ramadan Joy to Syrian Refugees


23 May 2017


We are happy to report that more than S$342,000 contributed by the Singapore community through a week long fund raising in February at all the mosques in Singapore as well as online, has been able to bring some joy to communities of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon as the holy month of Ramadan approaches. RLAF decided to focus on the refugees in the countries as they are hosting more than a million refugees each despite the strains in resources of the nations.

The RLAF has been able to do this by working, for the first time, with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) that is on the ground in Jordan and Lebanon delivering assistance to the refugees. The help from RLAF comes in the form of supply of gas for the refugees in the Al-Azraq camps in Jordan. This helps to keep over 35,000 refugees warm, safe and able to meet their daily living needs to survive the harsh winter. In addition, more than half of the funds go into providing educational outreach programmes for young Syrian children, parent engagement programme to ensure their children stay and progress in the schools complemented by a community liaison and homework support programmes. This programme which helps to inject hope and confidence in the children and their families will continue for 12 more months and expected to benefit close to 2000 children.

Two RLAF representatives namely Mr Zainul Abidin Ibrahim, Executive Director of the RLAF and Mr Izhar Roslan, Senior Manager for Capabilities Development recently accompanied the UNHCR team in Jordan and Lebanon as part of RLAF’s project monitoring visit. During the visit from 14 to 16 May 2017, they were able to meet with the project organisers, partners, volunteers as well as engage the refugees who have been touched by the assistance from RLAF.

Mr Zainul Abidin Ibrahim said: “It was truly a humbling experience to see and interact with the refugees and their families who have survived with very little for years into the conflict. Yet, they have shown resilience and managed to stay positive and hopeful through it all. Those whom we met showed dignity and respectful despite their very difficult circumstances. They were extremely thankful and touched by the fact that we would care about them despite being far removed from the problem. Most of all, it’s the happy faces of the children that gave us a good feeling of the better future that awaits them.”

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