Latest News > $440,200 Collected for Aid of Refugees Fleeing Bangladesh & Survivors of South Asia Flood $440,200 Collected for Aid of Refugees Fleeing Bangladesh & Survivors of South Asia Flood


25 October 2017


RLAF, in collaboration with all 70 mosques in Singapore raised a total amount of SGD $440,200 for survivors of the South Asia flood and refugees fleeing from Rakhine State to Bangladesh in September 2017.


The total collection from the community, including contributions from partner organisations amounts to SGD $345,000 for refugees fleeing to Bangladesh. This amount will be handed to UNHCR to be spent on life saving and core relief items as well as education, psycho-social and health needs of the affected refugees.This is especially critical as the more than 50% of the over 500,000 refugees are said to be the very vulnerable children, women and the elderly.

To date UNHCR has reported over 603,000 refugees had made their way to the camps in Bangladesh and is the fastest-growing refugee crisis.


Additionally, SGD $95,200 will be channeled to Mercy Relief for victims of the South Asia floods who will provide immediate and essential life-saving relief and aid in the form of food, clean water, medicine, hygiene kits and basic necessities. The affected countries, Bangladesh, India and Nepal have put the death toll at more than 1,200. The floods are a result of heavy rains that coincided with the annual monsoon season. 

We sincerely thank all those who have donated to these worthy causes. These fundraising efforts represents the Singapore community commitment as well as the pledge of our partners to ease the suffering of the affected communities.

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