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Rebuilding Lives Through Art Therapy

10 July 2018

A group of 45 youth volunteers and practitioners in the areas of counselling, humanitarian and peace building work participated in a half-day art therapy workshop on Saturday, 7 July 2018. The workshop entitled Art Therapy: Facilitating the Healing of Survivors of Abuse and Trauma is a partnership between the Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation (RLAF) and The Red Pencil Humanitarian Foundation, a Singapore-based humanitarian organisation.


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RLAF Commemorates World Refugee Day

20 June 2018
RLAF ommemorates World Refugee Day today. Prayers and thoughts for all those affected by this crisis.
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Art Therapy : Facilitating The Healing of Survivors of Abuse & Trauma

18 June 2018

Art Therapy is a gentle and sensitive, yet powerful therapeutic approach to healing and recovery for those who have faced the unspeakable.

Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation, in partnership with The Red Pencil Humanitarian Foundation will be holding Art Therapy : Facilitating Healing of Survivors of Abuse & Trauma on 7 July 2018.

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